TO OVERCOME FEAR IS BEING YOU! By Ann K. Muhangi, Team Leader – Wholesome Consult Limited

When I think about the things I want to do, I think again. How will society look at me when am dancing in the rain, riding a bike across town… maybe it’s never might to be, one needs to just conform to societal expectations and norms. But wait a minute – if I conform, is that HAPPY! It is just existence. I want to live, to laugh, to learn every day and for me to do that – I have to overcome the fear of breaking out and just start being.

Guess what? When you be and do, it comes with immense benefits – along the way it has taught me to face my other uncomfortable positions. I am now settling to embracing the unknown whether in business, in life, in illness. I now know, that when you hug the unknown– it’s a teacher that brings new pages of life, showing you new ideas, glimpses of great things, introduces you to new people, it’s the way to fulfilling your true self, your purpose, your destiny.

When I got the opportunity – I rode a bike. It’s a wow factor! It releases the negative energy and infuses you with life, its releasing FEAR. It is just the beginning …

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