Aesop’s fables were famous for short and precise life lessons. In one of them, an astrologer was studying the stars one night, when he fell into a hole. Aesop’s conclusion; If you can’t go where you are looking, look where you are going’.  There is no better way to highlight the importance of focus.

In today’s corporate world, one of the most sought after/mentioned traits is multi-tasking. Only recently did I rethink that quality; how is it possible to achieve 100% quality by giving 100% focus to three different tasks at the same time?  Singular attention to one task at a time may yield greater output within the same or a shorter period of time. That is focus on a smaller scale. On a larger level, how can one raise a family, work 7 days a week, run a business and finish with school, achieving 100% success in each of these areas?

SET GOALS Aim for the sky, but do not live with your head in the clouds

It is important to set goals, prioritise them, then actually follow the goals, as a starting point. Set BIG goals. Remember to always keep the goal in mind (or on paper), but your eyes on your feet; the immediate results that will eventually get you to where you want to be.

Enjoy the Journey

My primary math teacher always said; ‘Had I known’, is the consolation of fools.’ Regrets of yesterday were because of ‘todays’ that were not lived well. Making the most of every moment and finding pleasure in every area of a seemingly routine life will eliminate future regrets. As a stay home mother, life can seem to revolve around housework and children and then some more housework. It wasn’t until recently that I noticed that whenever my two year old son wants to speak to both me and his dad, he will call out; ‘mumddy!’  Now I strive to pay more attention to my children and give 100% attention to whatever task I have to accomplish. I may hit my stars, but even if I am not, I am enjoying the journey. Live in the moment, you will not have it again. After all, isn’t it what we do today that determines tomorrow?

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