Many of life’s important lessons are obtained, not from the classroom, but from seemingly commonplace things of life, like lightning and thunder. After watching Lightning and Thunder for the third time this week, I was moved by the important life lessons therein, some of which are shared below;
Behind the Glitz and Glamour, is Real Life: A lot of the time, we envy super stars for their seemingly perfect lives; lots of money, flashy cars, beautiful clothes, flawless skin. Of course we never see the botox injections, the fights common to every marriage, the bad hair days or even the mood swings. The truth is the camera usually only shows us the best side and not the real one. Whatever your pursuit, remember that indeed the life of a man does not consist in the abundance of his possessions. When all your possessions are taken away from you, what remains is the substance of your life.

No meeting is by coincidence; Sometimes, the people we think are weird because they are not like us, turn out to be our greatest support in enabling us achieve our dreams. We must learn to receive people and work with them. Similarly, no occurrence is by chance, not even a random detour into a seemingly obscure place. A chance meeting at a cocktail may turn out to be your lucky break.
Win by Hook, not Crook: In the corporate world, success usually is a singular word, not plural. As such some want to win (climb the ladder) regardless of the cost to others. Life is a boomerang and the decisions we make usually come back to reward or haunt us. A popular African musician once sang ‘Be good to the people on the way up the ladder because you will meet them on the way down.’ There is more to life than winning.

You cannot walk alone: Life is not meant to be a lone journey, friends, family and even enemies, can be the wind beneath our sails and the cheerleading team. Have you encountered any of the many stories of the recluses who commit suicide despite a seemingly successful life? There is no substitute for relationships. If you are living life in the fast lane, slow down long enough to make friends, keep them and grow with your family.

What Legacy will you leave behind? When you get to the latter years of your life, what would you like to be remembered for? The cars and house that you will bequeath to your children? The holidays to foreign lands? The laughter, tears and irreplaceable moments that you shared with friend and family, the young colleagues you mentored, or all of the above? If you could only choose one, which would it be?
So which Lightning and Thunder do I derive these lessons from? Lightning McQueen and Thunder Chick. Not familiar? Maybe you should watch “Cars”, a very entertaining and eye-opening Disney animation that reminds us of the things that really matter in life. The List is endless.

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