LESSONS FROM MY DOG – PUMBER! By Ann Muhangi – Wholesome Consult

I burst into PUMBER’s space as he was having his morning meal. He immediately stopped and started wagging his tail all the while looking at me, expecting! As I approached, he lay down knowing our usual communication is coming up. I sat down and started picking chaff from his hair.

Pumber has taught me over the years the biggest character trait that am still nurturing. I know here many people are thinking LOYALTY! No! it’s actually PAYING ATTENTION TO DETAIL AND READING BODY LANGUAGE. Pumber is German Sherperd, big, fierce but also kind, observant and alert. When Pumber meets people for the first time, he falls into a silence, studying the person with such an intensity. After 30 seconds or so, he will either bark fiercely while attacking or back with a small sound inviting the person to play. I realized that when in silence, he is reading body language and weighing the person and he will then conclude whether you are harmless, kind and a friend of the home or you have bad intentions up your sleeve.

Ann and Pumber at the farm
Ann and Pumber at the farm

Just like Pumber, we ought to study those around us, the people we meet, to know whether they are for us or not. Many times we look and do not see, we hear but do not listen, we feel, take the words people say to hearts but not even question why the words do not carry marching actions. Then we hurt and ask WHY? If we adopt Pumber’s strategy, we may hurt less and love more – How?  We will only invite those that are for us in our lives and immediately element the ‘chaff’ – those that have come to take from us, steal from us or hurt us.

Have you ever taken off time to study those you spend time with? Have you ever asked yourself who your true real friends are? Have you ever wondered the value you get from the people you associate with? Do they build or destroy? Do they give or take?

Have you ever…

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