Increase your Productivity – Be Happy by Ann Muhangi

This week work at being happy and here are the 4 things you can do to be a happier person

  1. Make your first thought of the day a happy one. “When we look at ourselves in the mirror every morning and think of all the things we want to change, that’s a choice we make,” “Make the commitment to think differently about yourself and make happiness the first thing of the day.” You can sing, play music or say positive affirmations like “I am a great person” “Today is a beautiful day”…
  1. Snap out of a negative mindset. Many people wake up with an array of ‘a To Do List’ that was left pending the previous day – so they start off the day in negative, or in ‘urgency mood’ which ruins their day from the word go! Start your day on a clean page and kick out the negative.
  1. Unleash your inner child.Whenever you feel stressed about your responsibilities and commitments, unplug from the world, shut off your computer and phone, and tap into your inner child. Hop around, jump abit, dance or tune your imagination to a world you have always wanted to go physically.
  1. Sleep to restore your mind.Sleep is essential to optimal health, but people often forget that it is also a spiritual practice that benefits us mentally and emotionally. Lacking essential shut-eye is another way we block happiness from our lives. Sleep soundly with less noise around you, catch at least 7 – 8 hours of sleep.

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