Have you ever had a bad headache? (Not that there are good ones anyway) The one that seems to be a sledge hammer pounding right at the middle of the head? What did you do?
One of my favorite Bible teachers tells of a time when she had a throbbing headache while at the dining table. Suddenly, someone told a joke that set of a chain of laughter for about five minutes. When the laughter stopped, the headache was gone! How do you get rid of a bad headache? Try laughing.
Did you know that laughter is said to build one’s immunity and prolong life? Just like medicine. Except it is costs nothing, does not taste bitter and has no dosage restrictions. So today, lets share a painkiller together, from this true story following.
My then 8 year old niece-in-law, Cathy, while in primary two in a rural school, was one of many students being taught mathematical addition using small sticks.
So the teacher asked; ‘ What do you get when you add one stick plus another stick?
She pondered for a while, placed one stick on top of the other and said; ‘ One long stick.’
Talk about thinking outside the box. Though she never did pass mathematics, Cathy’s genius response did take my headache away _free and easy.

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