CREATING YOURSELF ▪Have you ever looked at your life and wanted to be someone else, somewhere else, doing something else? We’ve all heard how important it is to “find yourself” from time to time. To set aside the stress of everyday life and re-think what you really want. But when it comes down to making those changes happen, it’s not …

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At Tea with WONDER – we explored “Re – Writing your Life’s Script” last week We all have Stories of our lives; things from our Past, the Present and the Future. As it is stated, Life is what you make it; we all owe ourselves that responsibility of making our life stories as pleasant as possible because we are in …

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Breaking through is part of personal growth in life and it is achieved through different aspects of life (wheel of life) which include; your Community involvement, your Financial status, your Health status, you and yourself, your Spirituality levels, your relationships, your Family and your Purpose. If you are able to balance the above and your wheel of life is round …

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LESSONS FROM MY DOG – PUMBER! By Ann Muhangi – Wholesome Consult

Ann and Pumber at the farm

I burst into PUMBER’s space as he was having his morning meal. He immediately stopped and started wagging his tail all the while looking at me, expecting! As I approached, he lay down knowing our usual communication is coming up. I sat down and started picking chaff from his hair. Pumber has taught me over the years the biggest character …

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